How to Share Reels like iPhone on Story ( Timer + Round Edges ) • Ios Instagram🔥


Hello, how about my boys and girls, followers of this incredible website, today I bring you an incredible application for your mobile device.

Hello everyone, I'm Anshul and in this video I'm going to show you how to share reels to stories like iPhone. Share reel with timer and rounded edges. Watch the full video and enjoy • ANSHUL DIXIT

I'm going to change the layout of the notification. Lighting, ODA. What do you want?

I will change the design of the previous notification.

Switch to a single notification layout.

✓ Notification of receiving effect

✓ Custom popup design

※ Mask Effect

Samsung rounded corners

※ 3 types of notifications receive effects

Hole punching, edge lighting, edge lighting wave

※ 7 types of custom designed popup messages

Ripple, Card, Big Icon, Bookmark, Samsung, Apple, Super Slim

※ Effect when the screen is on

hello illumination

※ Always On Display Stand (AOD; Always On Display)

※ Send us your feedback

Please inform me about notification popup design and notification receiving effect.

If so, it will be updated soon.


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