Cinema Proposes, Science Disposes: 5 Movies That Predicted Today's Technology


Cloning, sending ships to other planets, wearables of all kinds... We have dreamed of many of these marvels of science and technology reading visionary books or we have seen them on movie screens before the television news opened their headers announcing that already they are a reality, or at least, they are about to be.

The enlightened fantasy of writers and film directors has been able to propose to us, before the scientists themselves, achievements of innovation that one day we thought were unattainable. We are going to remember some mythical examples of cinema that predicted technology and were ahead of their time.

The invention of cinema dates back to 1895. Well, it didn't take long for the first geniuses to display their cinematographic creativity by adding a science fiction flavor to their productions.

The German expressionist, Fritz Lang, imagined in 1927 a 21st century city sprinkled with technologies not yet invented in Metropolis. In it the workers, destined by the wealthy class to live in an underground ghetto, reveal themselves to their fate animated by a robot. It is the origin of science fiction in cinema.

Beyond the ethical and social backgrounds that he raises, in Metropolis we see how Lang predicts the streaming video call almost a century in advance, that is, our Skype or WhatsApp calls. A technology to which we have become accustomed so quickly that it seems like a lifetime. But no.

In addition, Metropolis exhibits computers, alternative energy machines, androids, human cloning, air transport..., a paragon of innovations that are now installed in our society.

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