VMware and Google Cloud expand your global association to help companies that accelerate the modernization of the applications and the transformation of the cloud

 VMware and Google Cloud help companies that accelerate the modernization of applications

Google Cloud and VMware, Inc. today announced an enlarged association to help customers accelerate the modernization of applications and the transformation of the cloud. Customers will now be able to use the VMware Cloud Universal program to take advantage of Google Cloud VMware Engine. Through this expanded association, business customers will obtain greater financial flexibility, options and the ability to accelerate their migrations to the cloud and modernize their business applications in Google Cloud.

Google Cloud VMware Engine allows customers to migrate VMware applications to the cloud without changes in applications, tools or processes, often in less than an hour (1). The VMware Cloud Verified services and the Google Cloud native service provide a cloud infrastructure list for companies with critical businesses and vSphere workloads with availability, security, resource optimization, administration capacity and integrated operational support In the main service.

Once in the cloud, customers can immediately start creating hybrid applications that allow their businesses more agile, with safer access to Google services, such as BigQuery and cloud operations, while expanding their existing services from Disaster recovery, backup and storage services. With Google Cloud VMware Engine combined with VMware Cloud Universal, companies can achieve:

Average TCO savings of 38% for three years compared to local environments (1). Annual savings of average of more than $ 2 million (1) average savings in labor of $ 115,000 with existing VMware and Google Cloud (1) tools. East-west dedicated network of 100 Gbps and high availability with a service time of 99.99% level agreement for a cluster (2)
VMware Cloud Universal is a flexible purchase and consumption program to execute multiple clouds and digital transformation strategies. With Google Cloud VMware Engine as part of the Universal VMware Cloud, VMware program and VMware partners, you can offer Google Cloud VMware Engine along with other VMware Cross-Cloud services to allow customers to run their digital and transformation initiatives based on scrosing, with Costs and lower general risks.

"Our Association with VMware makes it very easy for companies to migrate VMware-based applications to the reliable and high-performance infrastructure of Google Cloud," said Kevin Ichhpurani, Corporate Vice President and President of the Global Ecosystem in Google Cloud. "This announcement brings VMware and Google Cloud more together and represents an important step forward in our joint commitment to support digital transformations of companies with Google Cloud VMware Engine".

Address the strategic initiatives of customers around the modernization of applications and cloud, as well as the distributed workforce, it has been the basis of the partnership of several years of VMware and Google Cloud, "said Zia Yusuf, Senior Vice President , from the Strategic Ecosystem area and industrial solutions in VMware.

"What we are doing now is faster and easier for our mutual customers when consuming Google Cloud VMware Engine along with other VMware Cross-Cloud services, in the data center, the perimeter or Google Cloud. When enabling a multiple focus cloud, we allow customers to take advantage of Google Cloud without inconvenience to run their vSphere applications, and we are helping companies offer digital innovation with business control. "

Clients of sectors such as retail, telecommunications and manufacturing, use Google Cloud VMware Engine to modernize and accelerate critical workload migration for Google Cloud. "We are migrating and modernizing our workloads to reduce costs and give us more agility in the cloud," said Hiroshi Shimizu, Manager, Digital Transformation Department, Asahi Group Japan, Ltd.

"We have many systems to modernize, and we are sure that Google Cloud VMware Engine will accelerate our Modernization trip. In addition, we also wanted to store our data closer to our analysis platform using BigQuery to allow us to make commercial decisions more quickly. "

"Nokia has been in the process of migrating its local IT infrastructure to Google Cloud," Ravi said. Parmasad, Vice President of NOKIA Global Infrastructure. "And the Google Cloud VMware engine that promotes the migration process, as it complies with the Priorities of Nokia speed, business continuity and total maintain control of our workloads to provide a better support for Nokia customers in More than 130 countries. "

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