China develops a computer with quantum technology and it cannot be stolen


Can a super computer based on quantum technology be present in a mobile phone? China has already done it.

The computer is, without a doubt, one of the most outstanding inventions to understand today's society. The digitization of the economy is due, in part, to the incredible work that was done during the 20th century, more specifically during the second half of it. Over the years and, above all, the exponential increase in investment, it has been possible to find a technology capable of solving very complex mathematical problems.

The best example of this is shown by the universe of cryptography. The support for the success of these financial products is based, above all, on the existence of millions of computers solving complex mathematical problems. As a consequence, we must ask ourselves a question. Where is the limit of computer technology? Every so often we discover a new proposal capable of surpassing the efficiency of a previous one.

Today we want to show you a new milestone achieved. China, one of the most outstanding countries in everything related to this sector, has just created a new super computer that stands out, mainly, for the use of quantum technology. Thanks to this, among its various virtues, it is worth highlighting the incredible difficulty of being hacked. Here is its most interesting feature, which can become a benchmark in the sector.

Let's see, therefore, what are the keys to this alternative, why it is a differential innovation in terms of digital security and, of course, what innovations it can incorporate in order to standardize in the market. Are computers closer than ever to being insurmountable? Here are some of the guidelines that make this model a different product.

A computer installed in a phone with infallible security technology

Surely you have been able to know how over the last few weeks there have been some other problem related to spied on mobile phones, right? We are facing a new technology that would escape any tool of this class. The key to this is shown by the Tianyi No 1 2022, a mobile device that incorporates, as a differential element, quantum technology. Thanks to it, accessing it through hacking becomes a difficult task.

It is a terminal that incorporates a quantum security encryption module. In addition, it has a specially designed SIM card that can encrypt and decrypt voice calls on the phone using solutions of a quantum nature, according to the specialized portal China Daily. In order to find this technology, China Telecom, the Asian telecommunications giant, collaborated with the startup QuantumCTeck, a company specializing in mobile security devices.

Apparently, quantum superposition has been used to achieve this technology. This is one of the fundamental principles of quantum mechanics. The provision of this revolutionary technology is what would allow this mobile to be practically insurmountable against hacker attacks. Incorporating this technology, furthermore, would already be possible on a large scale, which could reach the more general market in the medium term.

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