The new immersive view of Google Maps generates controversy for its augmented reality

A world of augmented reality, in which you can walk and locate yourself on the streets: this is the new function that Google Maps boasts, with its new immersive view. What is this new Maps ability all about?

According to specialized media, the Immersive View function would have been announced during the first months of 2022, but now it is a reality that will allow you to see 3D reconstructions, with data and localized information, whether it is the destination, 'small town' or street that search.

From the outset it could be confused with the already available 'Street view' function, which is used to give a virtual tour of the streets of a city. In general, this is used to see places that we have not visited in 360 degrees, and familiarize ourselves with it before going in person.

Immersive view goes one step further, as it performs a three-dimensional mapping of the city, which allows the user to see in more detail the architecture of its buildings, roads and monuments of interest.

Do you remember the Street View? Well, according to experts, the immersive function is a technologically enhanced quality so that users can be located in "real time" or at least, in the most similar graphical representation.

Now, what Immersive View does is that it manages to generate a three-dimensional and realistic model of the city, be it a street or a landmark, combining satellite images with existing Street View files.

And when will it be available? In mid-2022, the functions are still being tested and during the first few months, it will be executable on any device, it can be used in Los Angeles, London, San Francisco, Tokyo and New York, you will be able to walk through each of the streets of these big cities, as if you were there.

It must be said that months ago Apple incorporated a similar tool into its maps application, which is called 'Flyover'. This allows you to see the buildings of certain cities (because it is still progressing in its deployment) in three dimensions, and experience details of iconic places, such as the Empire State.

“Say you're planning a trip to London and want to discover the best places to see and places to eat. With a quick search, you can virtually fly over Westminster to get an up-close look at the neighborhood and the impressive architecture of places like Big Ben. With helpful Google Maps information layered on top, you can use the weather slider to see what the area looks like at different times of day and in various weather conditions, and see where the busy places are. Looking for a place to have lunch? Glide down to street level to explore nearby restaurants and see helpful information like live hustle and bustle nearby. You can even look inside them to get a quick idea of ​​the vibe of the place before you book your reservation,” explains Google.

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