China and Peru, among the countries in the world most familiar with the Metaverse


More than 50% of the world's population claims to be familiar with the Metaverse and Extended Reality.

The multinational consulting and market research company, Ipsos, has pointed to Spain as the country in Europe that is most familiar with the Metaverse and new technologies.

The market study, carried out by Ipsos for the World Economic Forum, shows that the European population, in general, is not very interested in the Metaverse. However, Spain is quite supportive and optimistic about the potential that new immersive technologies have to offer.

According to the study carried out, the population of Spain is 9 points above the global average, in terms of knowledge about the Metaverse and Extended Reality. Which places the country as the most familiar with these technological innovations in all of Europe.

Other countries in the world, such as China and Peru, are also at the forefront of these innovations.

The Metaverse has spread rapidly as a virtual space where everything has a place, so many people, brands and companies are open to the new technological changes that are shaping up for the future, said the consultant.

63% of Spaniards know about the Metaverse

More than half of the Spanish population says they are familiar with the term "Metaverse".

The survey, which was applied last month to residents of 29 countries in total, also reveals that 43% of the adult population in Spain is optimistic about the immersive technologies that Extended Reality encompasses; understand Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR).

The Ipsos survey seeks to answer open questions about the future of new innovations.

Currently, companies from different industries, such as art, fashion, sports, social networks, music, food, among others, are injecting millions of dollars into the development of virtual worlds, where people can carry out endless activities. , from interacting with others anywhere in the world, to making purchases, attending work meetings, processing documents, medical consultations and much more. All this virtually and without leaving their homes.

Due to this enormous potential, a large part of the population of Spain thinks of the Metaverse as an innovation that will have a positive impact on their daily lives.

Main applications of the Metaverse in Spain

The main applications and use cases for the Metaverse, according to Spaniards, will most significantly impact the field of virtual education and training, Ipso said, based on the results of its survey.

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