China opens world event on artificial intelligence


China opened the sixth edition of a world congress on the development of artificial intelligence on Tuesday.

The event will be in session until tomorrow in the northern municipality of Tianjin with an agenda that includes 30 forums to analyze issues such as ethics in that industry, its application in manufacturing, the automotive sector, the media and energy systems, the digital economy and the reduction of emissions. of carbon.

The United Kingdom is the guest of honor and among the attendees there are representatives of that country, Israel, as well as academics and engineers from China.

As part of the event, a virtual exhibition was opened where 256 leading companies in the technological branch here and domestic universities will show their latest advances on the subject.

There will also be five competitions, including one for electronic sports and the popular soccer tournament between robots with 137 teams from 11 countries.

At the opening of the congress, the Chinese Minister of Industry and Information Technology, Xiao Yaqing, revealed that the artificial intelligence sector in the country reached a value of over 59 billion dollars and has more than three thousand active companies .

As indicated, the Asian giant made great progress in the application of this technology in the development of microprocessors, open source systems, sensors and vehicles, but also accelerated mobile infrastructure and now has 1.5 million base stations for connections 5G.

However, Xiao felt it necessary to further expand intelligent information systems and supercomputer centers.

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