Sabotage at a space base in China, a device has put the last mission in check


It is unknown who may be behind this low-profile attack on the Asian country.

Although we often think of NASA when we think of space issues, China has been looking for ways to gain notoriety in exploration beyond our planet for many years. We have already told you about the space telescope that will be launched during 2022, but little has been said about the future Chinese space station that is being assembled above our heads and that promises to compete with the rest of the world. Mind you, now it seems they have a security issue at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center.

A small device is found inside a car and would be looking to sabotage the mission

Little has transpired about the nature of this story, but based on what the Yangtze Evening News has published, it seems that China has something else to worry about. On this occasion, we have learned that a small jamming device has been located outside the aerospace complex, something that is of particular concern given that the launch of the Shenzhou-14 spacecraft is scheduled to take place in a few days and it seems that the device found could interfere with their signals.

The device was found inside a moving car that was located in the area near the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, located in Gansu province, a couple of weeks ago, at the time of writing the article.

The concern is notable because the device could have altered the aircraft's navigation systems and changed the set course, with the consequent safety problem for the crew of the mission and the civil and military personnel in the area.

The launch of the Shenzhou-14 rocket will be an event for China's space sector, as it will put three astronauts into orbit, including Liu Yang, the first Chinese woman to be sent into space back in 2012, with the goal of boarding the Tiangong space station. The first indications of sabotage emerged a few weeks ago, when strange signals were detected and began to be followed.

The interference device has a maximum range of 10 meters and can be easily purchased on websites in the country, such as the Chinese Amazon: Taobao.

It seems that the rocket launch plans will not be altered by the incident, since both the aircraft and all the equipment are in perfect condition. China seeks to make a splash with the completion of its space station, which bears the name of Tiangong, whose meaning is heavenly palace, facing the final stretch. This station will be a milestone in Chinese aerospace history, as the country was banned from the International Space Station in 2011 due to concerns it caused the United States.

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